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Alem Hailu

Written by  Friday, 17 August 2012 04:56

AlemHailuDr. Alem Hailu is an associate professor and lecturer at Howard University. He received his undergraduate education at Addis Ababa University and his graduate studies at Syracuse University where he obtained a Ph.D. in social science, a Master's of Art degree in social science and a Master's of Public Administration at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. He has worked in various academic, public and non-governmental institutions. Dr. Hailu carried out initiatives for peace, democracy, good governance and development in Africa. He developed collaborative partnership projects among non-governmental institutions as well as governmental and international organizations. He has aspired to combine the theories of conflict resolution with the practicalities of implementing them by engaging grassroots groups in addressing community problems.

In Howard Universityhe has been involved in teaching, research and community service. His research interests include globalization, democratization, governance, culture and development, the sociopolitical dimensions of interstate wars and the political economy of ethnic conflicts.

Dr. Hailu's education and work is informed by the perceived need for developing new approaches to confronting the changing realities of war, terrorism, peace and development within the framework of formulating global responses to the increasingly interconnected world. His areas of specialization include the Horn of Africa, the Great Lakes Region and the Central and Western nations of the continent. He has spoken at and assisted in organizing international conferences on Islamic fundamentalism, ethnic nationalism, political violence, terrorism and conflict that brought together high level public officials, civic leaders and scholars from academia. He is widely published on a variety of areas ranging from African politics, culture and economy to social change and global transformations. His policy studies focusing on the challenges African nations face in the global village attempt to show the crossroads of war and destruction in the context of the interconnections of mutual security unfolding between nations. Africa in the post cold war era succumbed to the tragedies of ethnic wars, state failures and terrorism. With the integration of the global trade and advances in technology, communication and transport, threats are no longer limited to remote areas. Cognizant of the reality that scholars, policy makers and citizens must be engaged in preventing and resolving such conflicts.

A strong believer in collaborative work between the academic, governmental and public/private institutions of learning and public policy, Dr. Hailu has participated in research and policy studies addressing important challenges of the 21st century.His participation in the IABS3-led interdisciplinary research project addressing the problems of war, population displacement and terrorism faced by nations in many different parts of Africa is an example of his continued interest and involvement in complex global issues.

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Nonviolence is not inaction. It is not discussion. It is not for the timid or weak... Nonviolence is hard work. It is the willingness to sacrifice. It is the patience to win.”

Cesar Chavez, American Activist and Labor Organizer

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